Vision: the most cliche topic ever (part1)

The constant emphasis laid on the word ‘vision’  not in a religious or diabolical sense but as regarding ones dreams and aspirations in life is rather surprising at least for some of us. Because take it or leave it, there are up to 40% if not more humans in this world who have lived, are living and will live without expecting anything from life. As cliche as this may sound I want you to take a second to ask yourself this question :

Whats my vision.

Most of us believe its just hearsay that failure to plan means a plan to fail. I mean who are we kidding right? Just because I don’t have five minutes to sort out some stupid life plan doesn’t necessarily mean am gonna end up a nut case or a complete wash over.
Well permit me to be totally Nigerian when I say ‘I am sorry for you’
Yes YOU that smart 16yr old who wants to be Barrack Obama without a life plan. YOU that 3rd class citizen who wants to live the life of a 1stclass citizen,  how are you gonna do that… Marriage?? Oh wait I know, You are going to end social strata fixation… Please wake up:?

Moving on, No man has ever became something without an emblem of a GREAT vision. VISION is that bridge that links your past to your future. As derived from the latter statement, without a vision you are stuck in the past. Your vision is your future clearly stated the

“road map of your life towards your dream”
So without a vision you are lost.

Vision evokes the passion to live, a life vision makes you expect more from life. Are you that pregnant 23yr old lawyer/mother of two who gets beat by her boyfriend when she forgets to put some curry in his stew??  Whats your vision? 60yr old pension receiving man who can’t afford two meals a day??what was your vision ?

A vision prioritises your life and time, motivates, disciplines your actions and behaviours. Without a vision you are as dead as Lila Stangard in the ‘How to get away with murder’ series. Acquire your vision today, mind you acquire one based on your desire for a better and reliable future.

With vision comes mission comes motive.



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