‘Black’ is not just a colour, black is an attitude. Black has history, black has felt pain, black has seen good times, black has seen bad times. Black has faced tribulations, black has been trialed. But yet still, we are here and proud to be black.

     Black is more than just a colour of skin, more than just a race . Black is more than just a group of people. Black is more than a society, black is more than just a community.   Black is more than just a group of people on the search for freedom. Black is beyond you and I.
   Black is an ERA. Era as derived from our various dictionaries can be narrowed down to a period of time(s). Now we have the defined era, i.e a period of time with a scheduled beginning and ending. We also have the longtime era, i.e an era that the beginning and end there of is unknown.
The black era is longtime. From time immemorial we have struggled for what we believe in. We have stood for what we love. We have been beaten for pushing forward for a better life. We have been tagged as inferior, we have been marked as unimportant… But still yet I am filled with the black pride.


Martin Luther king jnr. (MKL)  amidst others, is a name that can not but be mentioned when the black pride is taken into consideration. During the times we needed motivation he gave us motivation. We needed inspiration he gave us in abundance. The strength to move on despite being battered and bruised. MKL had a dream that some day ‘the sons of slaves and sons of slave owners would sit at the same table’. For a man who lived in a segregated world, that statement portrayed forgiveness, love and above all a vision beyond him. As portrayed by his words and actions, a black man/woman doesn’t care how long the Journey towards liberty is:

greater is the end of a thing than the beginning there of.


Nelson Mandela, another symbol of the black pride, another person who was castigated for his belief. He stood for what he believed in
We are strong today because he showed us strength.

Peace is just not the absence of conflict; peace is the creation of an environment where all can flourish regardless of  race, colour, creed, religion, gender, class, caste or any other social marker or difference.
                        – Nelson Roliblabla Mandela (NRM)

         The black era is filled with love and hope and quest for all forms of equality. NRM stated that an action without vision is only done to pass time, a vision without action is mere daydreaming. But vision with action can change the world. A change in the world is that one thing that we strive for. Since the beginning of this undefined black era we have hoped for a better tomorrow and the fact that over a thousand year later we are still hoping proves our persistence and optimism.


Wole Soyinka highlighted that we need not dwell in the past but hustle for a better tomorrow. The black strife began since times before times, the times we allowed ourselves to be looked upon as inferior, the times that we allowed ourselves to be exploited, those times when we sold our freedom to have one look at a mirror. The times where we easily neglected our culture for that which could never truly be ours. But our ability to rise and forgive ourselves for betraying our race, our ability to regain hope and filled with new strength to recover that which we lost is what makes us PROUD NEGROS. Our dreams to cease today and give our children the best tomorrow they could possible have is what makes us a wonderful people.


We do not determine our value based on the colour of our skin. But rather in unity we abide.




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