I am loving caring
Generous to a fault
You that says we can’t please everyone
You’ve not met me

Since I can like I said ‘please’ everyone
Why am I unhappy
Why am I writing this write now
Why this void in my chest only

Its like am searching for what I never lost
Its like I am scared of the unknown
Its like my five senses are closed tight
Its exactly like OBLIVION

I act upon this feeling, this state of oblivion
In my words, choice of hair, choice of makeup, choice of clothes.
And suddenly Adesuwa ain’t so lovable,
She ain’t so caring….
She’s different…..

So yes I can please everyone ;
I let them think what they want about me without an argument and they are pleased because they think they are right.

I don’t let it get to me and I am pleased because I know they don’t know nada.

👌 Iwritealot