Tale Of A Survivor (chapter 2)

How temerarious of the board to tell me I was crazy. I didn’t know whether to feel angry or sombre but I know I felt both. Angry because I didn’t think of therapy before now and sad because I knew right there before I even began that the idea was inauspicious. I could imagine myself laying on an ugly couch and spilling my guts out to a complete stranger, letting her into my thoughts and explaining feelings I do not fully understand.

After Gbenga dropped me off at home I made my research on Mrs.Nnena’s practice. It was rated five stars, pretty impressive and from the looks of things on her website, very pricey. Maybe the board did love me after all or just the fact that I made money for them. Her number one technique as seen on her site was extraction from day to day life. That explained the hotel and was the only reason I considered going at that point. To just get away from everything&everyone ,the earth’s music after all was only for those willing to listen.
    Hours had passed since I returned from work and I was too engrossed in Mrs. Nnena that I paid no attention to the worms spiraling in my belly. I went to the kitchen hoping to get something to eat and I met my mum asleep with her head on the kitchen counter. Christ what was that smell ,it was when I began to choke that I noticed the smoke that filled the air. ‘Mama wake up! ‘ what was she even doing in the kitchen by this time . As I turned off the gas , I opened the pot and saw oat meal. I was enraged, my mum doesn’t even eat that it was definitely for Ivie.
My mum put her hands on her head and started crying because she knew how furious I was. ‘But mama why will you be cooking for her and she’ll be asleep is she stupid. Does she want to kill my mother?look at you now you fell asleep in the kitchen ehn. Why?  Where is the useless girl ‘ At that point all of my mother’s pleas didn’t find their way to my ears .’ omome* calm down ehn. Don’t wake your father up’ she begged  ‘ leave Ivie. She asked and I said I’ll help her ehn…. abeg*
If I wasn’t so worked up about work maybe I would have,  but I marched down to her room ready to give her a resounding slap at first sight. My head was spinning in three hundred different directions, what effontery that girl had to have my mother in the kitchen by this time while she slept.
  ‘Ivie, Ivie!’ I banged on her bedroom door and got no answer. So she wanted to play that game,  I was going to show her that night that it took two to tango.  I got the spare keys from my emergency bunch up in my bedroom and as I opened her bedroom door,  the whole house was in chaos. Everyone was up, my fathers bell was ringing vigorously from his bedroom, my mother was crying and begging me to stop. Every other person was cursing at the fact that I interrupted their sleep. But one sound overshadowed them all. ‘Jesus! ‘  I screamed completely blind to every other thing but two.
………Ivie…… Blood……….

to be continued

( omome : my child,  Abeg: I beg of you, please)

👌 Iwritealot


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  1. ab says:

    Wow…..such a lovely writer….. You’re amazing… Well done…

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