I know this feeling all too well
I feel like a fish out of water
I feel smothered, hindered, inhibited
This must be what women feel like behind the burqa
Time awaits my manifestation
Agonizingly the second hand ticks
Taunting me…
Calling me…


All i hear is echoes in my mind
I feel alone today
But time awaits no one
Painfully the minute hand moves
Oblivions of the sounds that surrounds me
Lost in the spaces between my pen and paper
I’m voiceless and not wishing to be found
Nothing matters except this void, this vacuum
My tongue sticks to my upper palate
Like I’m struggling to live, to speak
Voiceless i await still, like ariel for the snail shell

– – – – – AKANO – – – – –

👌 Iwritealot