Stone on thorns: Prologue

She was walking, she didn’t know where to but she had to do something. She was tired of living a life of bondage. Everyone said she was beautiful but she didn’t want to be anymore. She wanted to be pale,ugly,fat or extremely thin. Just skin and bones, no life, no breathe, no misfortunes, no moments and no memories.

    Seven thirty pm, exactly three hours since she started to walk away. Walk away from being an eighteen year old girl, walk away from being a daughter. She had made up her mind and that was it. She had taken what one would call a leap of faith, away from the world, away from the claws of her siblings, away from the sting of family.
   Where was she headed? She was without a dime but had a purse full of faith. She always wanted to travel, Kaduna, Benin, Sydney, Calabar, somewhere, anywhere. She needed to be away, ached to run away from the prying eyes of her predators. She needed to do anything, be anything, anything but the ordinary.

👌 Iwritealot


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