Darkness Looms by Akano Peter


Darkness looms
This isnt what i wanted
I just craved peace,
how was i supposed to know this waited
I thought I’d survived the worst and was victorious
My legacy stood tall, so glorious

Calamity looms
and i could lose everything
I am desperately trying to be a normal being
I really do not want to give this up
There is a part of me that doesn’t want to stop
I could claim i have not been here before
But its a waking reality that this is no folklore
I feel like am speeding with no brakes
Shooting for the moon and the stars are just my bullet holes
But in the nick of time i find serenity
And i dont need piety for me its just stupidity

Darkness comes
My heart is still true
I Walk a lonely road and am far from home
Shadows call nd i turn deaf ears
The night is all cold and i shiver in fear
Maybe this wasn’t meant to be
Maybe i could just simply turn nd leave
But I’d waited forever
I’ll defy all odds and I’ll make it
Even with my back against the wall
—-O L A—-

👌 Iwritealot


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