Tale Of A Survivor : chapter 3

this pikin no go kill me oh*’ Mama kept on repeating this words like someone out there was going to blame her for Ivie’s situation. We had been in the hospital for three hours and not a single word about her from the doctors. I was too shocked to notice what part of her body the blood had flowed from.This was Just what I needed, suspension from the office and now a half dead step sister. It almost felt like I was facing what Job in the Bible faced in the hands of the devil. It was way past grade ten, right then would have been the best time for God to send the devil back to his hole.

I checked myself into the hotel at exactly ten fifteen am the next morning and my first appointment with Mrs. Nnena was not till the next day. Silence at last, that’s how I loved my life. Void of human presence and interference. After unloading my stuffs, I took my first look around the room. It was pretty impressive with the king sized bed and a bunch of other pretty furniture. At that point I had no idea if I still wanted to go on. I did at one point of my life or the other admit I was far from normal. But doing this, it’s like admitting I was crazy. Crazy was another new perspective to look at things.

After what seemed like a long peaceful day, I went to bed full of anticipation for tomorrow’s meeting with Mrs. Nnena.
I hoped she was pretty…

👌 Iwritealot


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