My dilemma

Ever felt so empty?
Like a thousand questions spiraling in your head
Yet no hope for even just one answer
yet you feel so certain, that it all comes down to one thing.

Ever felt so weak?
Like your life has to revolve around everyone else’s
Yet you want it to be yours
Constantly wishing you had control of the million puzzle pieces floating through your brain.

Ever felt such misery?
Like your home isn’t really yours
Yet you can belong no where else
Like the alphabet if A was misplaced.

Ever felt so much fear?
Like you don’t know what’s out there
Yet you know it’s coming for you
Craving to know what the sisters of fate have spun on your golden thread.

Ever felt such rage?
Like a volcano aching to erupt
Yet struggling to be still
Hoping that eventually your feelings will be yours
Where does anyone find the strength to keep out that incessant voice
Drifting aimlessly in their heads
Constantly bringing to memory moments best forgotten.

Ever thought?

👌 Iwritealot


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