We live our lifes
Either consciously or not
Believing in one supernatural being
Different from each other
Yet the message the preach the same

Our love for them grows
And we want to die in their will
Many goes against their being’s will
Misinterpreting and misquoting the words
Ready to go to war at slight opportunity

Claiming an assault on their God
Is an insult on them
Forgetting the marvelous might of their God
Underrating Him by fighting for Him

If truly they claim they love their God
They will respect him enough
To avoid fighting in his name
All in the name of defending our God

Love for each God misuse
And when the futility of war happens
Dead body everywhere and blood
Worshipers of fellow God laid waste
Each God’s follower kill and killed

What then is the actual message?
What then are we passing down?
Where is the love we proclaim?

Ebesuwa Jr.

👌 Iwritealot


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