Untitled by IDesireDeath

I’m in a desert
And so are you
My soul’s melting and
Your eyes are running out of tears
Soon I’ll be nothing
but sand
And your veins
will hold my blood.

Open your eyes,
Look up to the sky
Feel the heat
Tearing out your eyes
You need me fast
But you’ve lost faith
In somethings
In yourself.
Oh, my killer,
I’ll save you still.

The hot sand is starting
to pull me in.
I’ll give you hope.
Your heart will soon be
pumping my blood
and I’ll refresh you
and quench your thirst.
I’ll give you hope.
In a little while, friend
I’ll be running through your veins
I’ll be the reason
you’re awake
And I’ll be killing
The dead once I’m in you.
I’ll give you hope.
Tear me open
with my claws
and my flesh,
Will become yours
and most importantly,
My blood, yours.

We have a long way ahead of us
So let’s just sit
And embrace the heat
And give hope to our kind



👌 Iwritealot


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