Breathing by Imperial Mide

It all started with dodo..

 My love for dodo is highly embarrassing.

Forget the big boy and the fine face and the classy poise…Dodo is bae..

Dodo doesn’t ask silly questions..

Dodo doesn’t ask for much…

Dodo doesn’t even doubt your love for her..😍

The plantains On Oau campus must have come from heaven�…🙏These niggas taste too good to be from earth😩

I was “jejely” frying these heavenly niggas…then i had a call…I left the Cookery to answer it,

The conversation got super Interesting.. I got carried away…That girl could really converse(oya face front and mind ya business) lol.
….A few minutes later.
I sat down… On a chair…Feeling betrayed…Staring at those Plantains in the pan, wondering how it happened, asking them when and why they went to hell fire that they were so black.
I Burnt it..
I was lost in my reverie, thinking about the Golden Brown Beauty that used to exist…I didn’t know a friend was dying..
Tayo, A Block mate had an attack… an Asthma Attack..
Tayo’s Girlfriend stormed into my room and pulled me by my hand, I saw a drying-off line of mascara mixed with tears that ran down her cheek..

She was crying.

She pulled me into his room without saying a word, I was wondering where all the respect she had for me went to…i was getting pissed off…until I saw my friend.

Apparently, Those heavenly plantains almost to sent my nigga to heaven.

While rescuing the burnt cuts of plantains, The kitchen was filled with smoke, Really nasty smoke, some of that smoke had leaked into Tayo’s room and initiated an asthma attack.

He told me of how he had lost his inhaler the night before and pleaded his girlfriend to get him another when she’s was coming around today…and Thankfully she did.

She did come around today only to find a choking and gasping boyfriend and a smoky room, Thanks to me.😶

I felt really bad.

I apologized to both parties…sincerely..

Getting back to my room, I was reflecting on how expensively difficult breathing was for Tayo.

Tayo’s breathing was like a Dstv subscription that must never expire, he must always renew the subscription before it expired..

If he doesn’t subscribe with his inhaler to enjoy the service (Oxygen), he would be denied access to Breathing.

Tayo is grateful for every clean breath that he takes….Are you?

What if you had to pay for breathing?

  Toddlers might breathe 20-30 times per minute. Older children and adults, when resting, usually breathe about 12-20 times per minute. Over the course of a day, that adds up to 17,000-30,000 breaths per day — or more! Those average breathing rates are for when you’re at res(You can ask Google)

Since oxygen is more important than Food, Including plantains (Well,Maybe😹) and with the Economic recession and the Economic meltdown around The world, A Breath of oxygen should cost 1,700 naira….in Nigeria.

Do the math

 30,000 X 1000 X 365 X your age..

Note that our breathing becomes rapid after some strenuous exercise… So, those of us that work out and jog and Indulge in any other “breathtaking activities”😎 (Clears throat😇) you might want to include Extra cash to clear out extra debts..

Believe me, even Bill Gates with pay and still be in debt.

And you do this every Two seconds for FREE without being grateful…
Ive got just one question…

Are you sane??

I should slap the living breath out of you.

P.S No character was harmed while taking this picture…why am I even explaining sef🙅 I don’t hit women✌

…and my love for plantain never flinched 😂😂








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