I really have tried to let go off you

But it would seem that our match

Was sanctioned by cupid himself

Took me by surprise

Creeped in at my darkest moments

Became one with my thoughts

Set boundaries for my life

Limited my association and acquaintances

Told me what I should be

Took my hand and led me down the dark tunnel

The closer we got, the deeper we went

The dimmer the light at the end of the tunnel

Tick Tock the clock to happy times ticked away

Happy moments faded into memories made with you

Memories made of you .

And then I couldn’t tell what I thought from what you told me

Real blended into unreal

Your words became one with my thoughts

Did u kiss me while I slumbered ?

Did thy mighty sword slay the dragon that held me captive?

Answer me!

Help me logicalize this union

I must be mad

Where else but in fairy tales does this bond exist?

Like I am constantly woven into the gentle thorns that are your arms

Leave me be!

But never let me go

If you did what would I become?

I feel like Jesus, tempted by the devil but I failed to overcome

Unconsciously, unwillingly I succumbed

How do I let you go?

You speak to me about everything else but this

Why won’t you speak

Should I sing our favorite song?

Without you in whom would I find comfort?

Why liken you to the devil when all you do is help me

Feeding on my pain

Capitalizing on my shortcomings

Tuning my wails

Beating on my drums of desperation

Oh sweet loving friend

Our union however savoury is cursed

Let me go



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