Tale of a survivor (chapter five) 

​Well so much for long talk hours, she was supposed to help me deal with this feelings, to fix me. But she took the cap off the bottle and dismissed me. And as I slept that night, two words echoed in my head Violated, deleted.

It was morning again and I hoped for a better day. It took a while for me to sleep the night before with Mrs. Nnena’s absurd therapy session and Ivie’s pending situation. Where was God? No seriously, where? I could not place my head around the fact that little Ivie wanted to kill herself. The girl was seventeen years old for goodness sake what could she possible have been going through? Boy troubles, what to wear and what not to wear? It was as if the guardian angel assigned to my family fell with Lucifer and we were all headed for impending doom.

I got up from bed and lazily walked to the bathroom to freshen up, my appointment with the shrink wasn’t till twelve and I planned to make the most out of my morning. A walk around the hotel wouldn’t be so bad, probably have breakfast downstairs and just sit and watch people go about their business. That was how I was going to spend my morning but you see nature always had its own course of events lined up for me.

Just as I was about to turn on the water, my mother called with news from the hospital. Ivie had woken up thank goodness and contrary to what the doctors told us, the wounds on her wrist were not self-inflicted. I didn’t know whether to feel relieved or worried. Relieved for a second that Ivie wasn’t suicidal but the story didn’t add up. Ivie claimed she was hit on the head when she entered her room after telling my mother to prepare oat meal for her. She remembered falling to the ground but that was it.

“But mama what is Ivie now trying to say? That somebody came into the house and tried to kill her?”

But how possible was that and for what reason. Ivie wasn’t the daughter of some president or senator or any dignitary. She wasn’t even a promising personality herself, I mean the young girl literally talked to no one. Zero acquaintances, zero relations and the only ones who would even consider her life valuable was her family. 

“Mama something tells me Ivie is not being entirely truthful with us”

Dial tone.

The line had been cut off, was this a joke? 


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