Let me tell you something about love

It is the overrated word in the ENGLISH vocabulary

A word so emphasized that it lives

Breathes, deceives, encourages and defeat.

We all, through our actions and inactions are victims of love

Like a zombie, our hearts as brains.

What is it they say?

Feelings are bitches,

Fly around like witches.

Am sure we all have stitches

From when we fell into ditches.

When sweet,

We do the sweetest things for love

We do the dumbest things for love

When sour,

It hurts oh it hurts!

And the you that once loved is gone

And all that’s left is this demon con

This vile tyranny in your head

You do worse things that you can ever imagine

We lose who we are to whom it wants us to be.
Let me tell you about the love I have known

The worst kind of love

The one that comes with pain

It’s only sweet when she’s a she

Because she couldn’t hurt me I thought.

You see every other agent not she assigned by love

Has burnt me and will continue to

Each one worse than the last.

The kind of love I have had!

The type that gives jealousy free passage into my soul

Paranoia, low self-esteem, insecurity and pain hitched the ride

When sweet, when sour.

I want to be mad and I remember I have no right to be

And then I am sad because that I can be and there’s no care if I am.

I want to hold on but I was told not to and still I don’t know how to let go.

Am scared of what I’ll become

As I was scared of what I am now.

What do they say?

You don’t know what you’ve lost until you lose it

That’s a lie 

You do know 

You just love it more when you’ve lost it

That’s how vile love can be.

I am no expert on love, so please don’t take my word for it

Am just someone who has gotten to her disequilibrium.

I have fallen, I am falling

So let me tell you

I am scared I’ll become numb

And might never feel again.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Mcbumnik says:

    This is a very nice piece, lol, would have loved to take your word for it but you ain’t a love expert.


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