My pillar of desperation 

Oh sweet Goddess of sorrow and tragic inflation 

Hear my call and make it stop 

I seek just a drop of peace amidst depression. 

Nero fiddled, my heart broke

 Quick to memory thy gentle stroke

Don’t be scared my love .

Strength why do thy still slumber 

While thy steward’s heart floats asunder 

Peace where is thy healing power 

Pour tranquility upon my soul I pray thee.

When history occurs consistently 

Perhaps it’s inescapable 

History into destiny 

My worth easily dispensable.

Don’t be scared my love 

Echos and Echos and Echos and Echos

Ut ne quis 

Et sub Cuba Ero

Diutius servare non possum 

Valleys of misery and orchids of self hate 

Mysterious gallivanting of ferocious rage

Fountains of medieval passion 

Cruelty upon my soul 

Ut ne quis! 

Et sub cuba Ero

Tempus pugnae est prohibere? 

Mercy Mercy Eleos

Redeem my soul from the enslavement of hades

Mercy mercy Eleos 

Thy subject can bear it no more 

Diutius servare non possum 

What is dead shall never die 

What is broken shall never break again 

Mercy Mercy Eleos.