They placed my hand on a bible and made me swear
Judge, jury, and court they were
The clerk read out the rules to which I was to adhere
“Court in session” I heard the judge declare.
Ten thousand eyeballs fixated on me
Five thousand whisperers and screamers to convince
Court in session, a session in court
Either way I was doomed by default.

First came the pastor;
“Woe unto all men who sin, for to sin is of man.
But you should know no sin, for a woman need not sin.
And ye have sinned and come short of the glory of the church.
Sinner sinner woman, woman of sin! Sinful woman”.

Second came the father;
“Charity begins at home, and then your charity has never gotten home.
We laid your foundation, and you neglected our building.
Why not be a banker we told you, lawyers earn more money we preached.
Act ladylike that you may find a suitor we warned, the dark boulevards is no place for a woman we cried.
But you chose to disappoint, and the disappointment is you.
Disgraceful being! Not one of us”.

Third came the government;
“Tax evader, squanderer of public funds.
Abuser of public property, you built your home on our streets.
Obstructer of justice, you aided and abetted a thief.
Fugitive! Non patriot!”

Fourth came the seer;
“A thousand curses unto you who led people away from the light.
Blinded by foolishness and unable to see a clear path.
I see a legion for they are many, they that torment your soul.
Demoniac! Demonist! Demonic!”

“Speak woman and save yourself” the judge urged me
“Speak woman for they drown you with accusations.
Speak! Speak! Speak!”

To the pastor I said;
“Woe unto the church and clergymen like you,
Shame unto he that calls me a sinner and casts me out of the door.
Woe unto you! You cast me away because I have no penny to give.
Now tell me am I giving to the house of God or to the gods in the house?
If not fanning the flames of your greed is sinning, then I’ll sin till I die”.

To the father I said;
“Why extend charity home when charity never began from home?
People expected to provide and protect, but instead left me in utter neglect.
Think properly of the report you’ll give when your maker beckons.
I’ll gladly sing tales of how you shut away one given to you to nurture.


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