Good; Goodbye.

Goodbye, good riddance

We take a sigh of relief;

Our hearts don’t feel so heavy anymore

Someone finally lifted the burden, or not.

So we say goodbye to our Demons

Goodbye to everything that haunted us.

Just yesterday it didn’t feel like it was ever going to end

And now it’s all gone, or not

Or did we finally accept it, so they don’t hurt anymore.

So we say goodbye to everything that taunted our soul

Goodbye to everything that we used to feel.

A fresh breath of greener pasture, it’s time to take it in

Our mind ready to let go of everything it had come to know in the dark

But greener pasture doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to, something’s missing.

What is?

The struggle, to be done with what was killing us inside?

The battle, between our sanity and insanity?

The hope, for a little light at the end of the tunnel?

The faith, that we would get to the end of the tunnel?

The anticipation, for freedom?

And after our first taste of a better life;

We realize we miss it all

For when we lost it all,

All the tears on the ground dried up, all the tears in our pillow soaked in.

We lost ourselves too.

So who then are we, without what made us push forward?

So we say goodbye to who we were

Having no idea who we are now.


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