We live our lifes
Either consciously or not
Believing in one supernatural being
Different from each other
Yet the message the preach the same

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My life’s Irony

I don’t have time to have time
I don’t have the will to have zeal
I am not strong enough to feel strength
I haven’t been cold enough to appreciate warmth.
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My dilemma

Ever felt so empty?
Like a thousand questions spiraling in your head
Yet no hope for even just one answer
yet you feel so certain, that it all comes down to one thing.

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TALE OF A SURVIVOR (chapter 4)

‘How do you feel? ‘
Her office was more like an interrogation room, it lacked colour and everything was either grey or ugly. I saw why her patients made rapid improvements, no one could stand her office for long. And so just like in the movies, I was laying on a long ugly grey couch with a flawlessly dressed psychologist staring at me. From her cream coloured jacket to her tailored black gown, red shoes and expensive from the looks of it, she looked stunning and they all complemented her tiny body frame.

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Michelle’s memoir (chapter one /part one)

Darkness, silence, and stillness all that I could feel. Was I alive? Could I breathe? I was not even sure if I was experiencing some sort of afterlife. The question was how the hell I got there. “Hell isn’t some devil in red trying to beat your soul into submission, neither was it filled with sulphur and brimstone.
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Tale Of A Survivor : chapter 3

this pikin no go kill me oh*’ Mama kept on repeating this words like someone out there was going to blame her for Ivie’s situation. We had been in the hospital for three hours and not a single word about her from the doctors. I was too shocked to notice what part of her body the blood had flowed from.This was Just what I needed, suspension from the office and now a half dead step sister. It almost felt like I was facing what Job in the Bible faced in the hands of the devil. It was way past grade ten, right then would have been the best time for God to send the devil back to his hole.

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Holy Bible (NIV) 1.4

Mat 6:34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.


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Words can’t express

Words can’t express :
That feeling of rejection, like the world is going on without you
Those moments when every other person’s heart is a beat faster than yours
That moment when you don’t fit in and only you know it
That moment when you are desperate to pour out but no one’s there.

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